Monday, October 15, 2007

Cola Wars, and a Contest

After mentioning Coke and Pepsi in my recent response to a blogger's comment, I started thinking about the on-going battle between those two soft drinks. I've always been a Coke drinker, right from the start. Was it just an accident of birth? Was I born into a family of dyed-in-the-wool Coke drinkers who carefully home schooled me in the ways of Coke? No, I didn't start quite that early, but I'm sure that somewhere in my pre-teen years I had some friends who initiated me into soft drink imbibing, and the mysteries of Coca-Cola. And Coke gained a true convert in me. In my book, Papa Do Run, I mention that singer Joanie Sommers, of "Johnny Get Angry" fame, also did Pepsi commercials. I remember them very well. They may even have swayed some people, but not me. Joanie Sommers also recorded a sweet little love song called "One Boy" (from the musical Bye Bye Birdie), in which she yearns for that one special guy to do things with, like, to have coke with. Whether or not she's singing with a capital C, who can say. Regardless, when it comes to product placement, I think Coke always had an edge. Small-c "coke" is often used generically, like small -k "kleenex." Hmmm, I wonder which one Joanie drank at home. And what about Pepsi? I don't think there are any songs that mention Pepsi by brand name. Of course the Beatles with their hit "Come Together" and the Kinks with "Lola" both ran into problems for mentioning Coca-Cola -- it was considered an ad. Anyway, I'll throw out a challenge to anyone to show me a vintage rock/pop song (let's say 1955-1970) that does mention Pepsi, even if, like the Kinks, they had to change it. If there aren't any Pepsi songs, it may not prove that Coke is superior, but perhaps only that Pepsi is harder to work into decent rhyming lyrics. Still, when it's all said and sung, I think Coke will rule. If you find anything, let me know. I'll even offer a free copy of Papa Do Run as a modest prize to the first poster who clocks in with undeniable proof.

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