Friday, July 25, 2008


Like you, I’ve been seeing the trailers for Mamma Mia all over TV, and I have to admit I quite eager to see it. While the very thought of it might make some people wince, I am a confirmed fan of Meryl Streep, ABBA, and movie musicals as a genre. So I’m expecting to like it. I’ll watch just about anything with Meryl Streep. She’s one the most acclaimed and versatile actors of the day. She’s played just about every kind of role there is, and is known for her meticulous dedication to her performances. I read somewhere that for Sophie’s Choice she not only learned German and Polish, but even her German has the hint of a Polish accent. Now that’s what I call getting into character!

One of my favorite performances of hers is the Carrie Fisher character in Postcards From the Edge. It wasn’t the first time Streep sang in a movie. She previously sang in Ironweed, 1987, but I didn’t see that one, so you can imagine how my jaw dropped when I heard how good she was. I’ll bet there are a lot of singers out there who are glad she didn’t go for a dual career! In Postcards she delivers a touching and irony-tinged version of “You Don’t Know Me” and then gets to belt out a rockin’ country number (backed by Canada’s Blue Rodeo, woo-hoo!) at the end. I’d say she’s more than prepared to take on Mamma Mia.

So here we are, the group that started it all, plus the teaser for Mamma Mia, the movie. Now come on, tell the truth, aren’t you just a little curious to see it? And don’t let me hear disparaging remarks from the guys about chick flicks and musicals – hey if hunky Pierce Brosnan can be in it, you certainly can go watch it!

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