Tuesday, December 2, 2008


In my travels around the www I recently discovered a tiny little news item; it would have been easy to miss, but... Cincinnati station WBQC-TV (Channel 38) has officially changed it’s call letters to WKRP, to celebrate going digital. As someone who never missed an episode of the original show, I think that’s very newsworthy. Unfortunately for the newly-renamed station, reruns of the original show (which ran from 1978-1982 plus a brief rehash from 1991-93) are only available for cable, so that means the WKRP-TV in Cincinnati won’t actually be showing episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati on TV. Plus, it is apparently a very low-power station, so I doubt it would make it all the way across the lake to me anyway. That’s doubly too bad.

I remember the original WKRP fondly, with its list of supremely wacky characters. And you won’t be surprised to learn that my favorite was Dr. Johnny Fever, the brunt-out acid-flashbacking disco-hating ‘60s DJ, who addressed his listeners as “my fellow babies” – played to perfection by Howard Hesseman. And I loved that we’d hear snippets of my favorite oldies during the show. Now that I think of it, I have a couple of channels on my dish that recycle old shows (Beaver, Andy Griffith, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley) so I’m going to have to look for WKRP. Meanwhile, the opening credits ought to take you back...

Video by YT member vhsrobot
Photo at http://blueopossum.homestead.com

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Linda (SE PA) said...

I loved WKRP - you mentioned the good Dr. - what about Andy - Mr. Carlson - Loni Anderson - Les (and his office) and why I cannot remember her name...

I'm not sure about this but a theory they had about one show considered for streaming or dvd (memory is not too good this am) was the issue of royalties for the music.

In the end, it is very clever of working with the call letters and keeping it in Cinncinnati!

Would love to see this show again as well as several others that seem to be collecting dust somewhere.