Friday, November 9, 2007

BEST IN SHOW - A List of Vintage Love Songs

Like every music person, I have a bunch of love songs I would put at the top. That doesn't necessarily mean I think they're all the best songs ever written, but for me they are best a summing up those emotional highs and lows we've all found ourselves from time to time. Here's my list from my teenage years, broken down into handy categories. See how yours compare, or send in a list of titles and categories of your own.

Happiest Love Song: "I Got You Babe" Sonny & Cher. Two hippies against da wurld.

Saddest Love Song: "Long Long Time" Linda Ronstadt. What's worse than getting dumped?

Best Break-up Song: "This Time" Troy Shondell. No light at the end of his tunnel.

Best Make-up Song: "The Best Part of Making Up" The Ronettes. Big hair knows all about it.
(see picture)

Best Kiss-off Song: "Hats Off to Larry" Del Shannon. He loses half a point for that line about wanting her back regardless, but I'll still give him the medal.

Best Come Back To Me Song: "He'll Only Hurt You" Dion. Love the big finish!

Best Love Song to Something Other Than a Person: "Dirty Water" The Standells. Frat Rock at its absolute best!

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