Monday, February 9, 2009


...well, we don't actually know yet. It was all done very private and hush-hush. But I'm sure there will be an announcement on everybody's news crawl, and Larry King, Oprah, Katie Couric, and heaven only knows who else will do an interview, real soon.

Anyway, the final bid (never mind what I quoted before, either I was hallucinating or there was some kind of issue with bids) is $186,853.06 after a total of 91 bids! Imagine losing by three cents. Anyway, whoever gets it now inherits a lot of sleepless nights, as this will surely renew interest (not that it ever really died out) in crank calls to that famous number.

Whatever. The rest of us average citizens will all sleep better tonight now that this phone number mania is over.

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gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

Well, I'm in the dark regarding the phone number contest.
Onto music. Came here via your other blog when I was reading your profile and noting similarities. (I love CSI and forensic shows, Salinger, need to read Nabakov (have a used book), and other similarities like taste in music, love of science and nature, that certainly shows why I'm here browsing.

Among your top 10 faves, I like most. I can't pick my top 10. Depends on my mood.

Congrats on your published book!
My husband and I dance to music from wayyyyyyyyyyy before our time, to even some current music. Same goes for listening/singing (alone or drowned out by others).

Sad to read about the obit below.

Poetikat said...

Okay. Now I get it. 867-5309. Weird. Why would you want to pay big bucks for a phone number? Does the guy really think it will pay off?
Amazing what people with money will do.
Well, I'll never have that problem. Ha ha.


P.S. (Reading you book,by the way. It's out of loo and in a place of prominence on my bedside table.)

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for your comment - always nice to meet a fellow music lover, not to mention the other topics. BTW, I also have green eyes - lol! The phone number contest thing is confusing. I should have posted at the top that it was a continuation of several previous posts, following the eBay auction of the phone number from the famous Tommy Tutone song.

@Kat - I know, it's incredible, but that number gets a lot of 'hits' so maybe a radio station bought it...