Monday, February 9, 2009

DEWEY MARTIN (September 30, 1940 – January 31, 2009)

Drummer Dewey Martin is probably best known as a member of the short-lived but long-remembered and accoladed 60s group Buffalo Springfield, passed away last month at the age of 68. Buffalo Springfield was the only context I ever knew him in, but a check with Wikipedia and I learned that he also had stints with The Standells (of Dirty Water fame), with The Modern Folk Quartet (check out their very Beach Boys-y sounding number, “This Could Be The Night”disc 3 of the Back to Mono box set), and The Dillards (remember the band on the old Andy Griffiths show?) just to name a few of his many musical credits.

I know I often rag on covers of my favorite songs as being inherently inferior, but there’s a pair of versions of Stephen Stills’ gem, “Sit Down I think I Think I Love You” that just can’t be compared. Neither one loses, in my opinion.
Seems the vid of the Mojo Men version on YouTube that Stills refers to has been withdrawn. Darn. You may recall it, sounding kind of old-timey with the tack piano, ballaika and accordian. You can pick up a copy of their Mojo Men’s CD on Amazon for a mere $134.00 (or used, $67). Bit of a collector’s item, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, here’s a really cool b/w vid of the Buffalo Springfield singing Sit Down, with Dewey on drums.

Video by YT member woodenshipsjp
Album cover photo at

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