Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was visiting a fellow blogger's blog the other day, and she had posted a cover of this song by Billy Idol. Being stuck in the 60s as I am, I didn't know Billy Idol had recorded this one. Mony Mony is such a classic vintage pop song, I believe it's hard to do it completely badly, but I still think Tommy James' original is the one. Some may dismiss it as bubblegum pop, and to those who do, all I can say is, "May a big stringy wad of Double Bubble dog your heels for the rest your days." Really. I mean, check out this time capsule video of Tommy and the boys. That's what we used to call a "nehru jacket" - a durable fashion statement of the late 60s and beyond, and one which they can bring back any time they want, as far as I'm concerned. So many famous people have worn them: the Beatles, Johnny Carson, the Monkees, Dr. No (they were a wardrobe staple with several Bond villains), Steven Segal, Weird Al, televangelist Benny Hinn, Sammy Davis Jr. See what I mean? And, getting back to Tommy James, don't miss the love beads, and what I'd call a kind of post-Beatle hairstyles, and of course, the psychedelic "acid-trip"'s all there. And I think Tommy James sings this with way more of the proper 'tude than Billy. But why take my word for it...

Video by YT member myrainbow2
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Poetikat said...

I loved Billy Idol, but never really took to this song. The Tommy James version is much better.