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This album was released last fall, but has taken all this time to glide into my orbit. But it was worth the wait. Of course, I'm speaking as a long time fan when I say that. The J. Airplane/J. Starship crew can do no serious wrong in my books, and yes, that includes the just plain Starship era, which saw some fans bail on them. I am proud to say I stuck with them, and now they are back full force, a little older, some new faces and voices, but still rockin'the house while getting back to their folks roots. Here's what has to say:

The legendary Jefferson Starship is at it again. Moving forward by reaching back, and in doing so, daringly casting a light for a new generation of change-makers riveted by the group's first new studio album in a decade, Jeffersons' Tree Of Liberty. The 18 song CD finds the group harnessing rare gems from the great folk tradition that inspired the rock n' roll hall of fame band more than 4 decades ago. The brainchild of singer/songwriter/band co-founder Paul Kantner (and co-produced by band manager Michael Gaiman, recurring Jefferson Airplane/ Jefferson Starship fixture and Quicksilver Messenger Service founder David Freiberg and Paul Kantner), the album mixes it up with Jefferson's trademark knack for defying fans' expectations as well as their own, introducing a soaring new female voice on many of the songs, Cathy Richardson, and tapping rock icon and original Jefferson treasure Grace Slick to appear on the album's mesmerizing `Easter Egg' bonus track.

And here's the track list, just to whet your appetite.
1. Wasn't That a Time
2. Follow the Drinking Gourd
3. Santy Anno
4. Cowboy on the Run
5. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore
6. Chimes of Freedom
7. Genesis Hall
8. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
9. Royal Canal (The Auld Triangle)
10. Rising of the Moon
11. Frenario
12. In a Crisis
13. Maybe for You
14. Comandante Carlos Fonseca
15. Pastures of Plenty
16. Imagine Redemption
17. On the Threshold of Fire
18. Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
19. Surprise Surprise (bonus track)

If this sounds like it might be up your musical alley, I don't think you'll be disappointed. There's hints and flavors from the good old days, and a brand new political saavy for right here, right now.

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AphotoAday said...

Oh yeah, I remember "the day", but truthfully I've never been a really big fan...
Same goes for the Dead -- they just don't do it for me, except that I think Jerry Garcia is one heck of a really great bluegrass picker...

But guess what -- I rang up a purchase for Grace Slick (Slick is not her real name if you couldn't have guessed) one time at where I was working [[[ give me ten cents and I'll tell you where ]]] and another time we had Jerry Garcia in the store wandering around looking at bright and shiny objects...

But thanks for the post on the Jefferson (-whatever they are this week)... I pulled up some stuff from their recent album [[[ come on guys, give it up ]]] and listened until I couldn't listen any more...