Friday, March 7, 2008


Recently I subscribed to a YouTube member from the UK who is posting terrific oldies from the 40s-60s, including some really super-duper doo-wop rarities. He also takes “requests” – a YouTube first – you email it in, he’ll dig it up and post it for you. How cool is that! He’s also posted some UK talent that I hadn’t heard of before; for example, an Irish singer named Joe Dolan. That got me thinking that for every famous vintage UK band and solo artist there’s probably several more that were well-known at home, but didn’t make it all the way ‘cross the pond during the British Invasion. And that got me thinking something else: what do the British call the “British Invasion” at home? I mean, Americans invented the phrase as a kind of pun on the Revolutionary War. But the British might call both the war (1775-1783) and the musical event (1964-1967) something entirely different amongst themselves. It all depends on your perspective, doesn't it. I’m recalling an episode of Friends, where the gang all decides they’re going out for Chinese food, and Chandler quips, “Or, as the Chinese call it…food.” So, if anyone out there has any sage thoughts, informed opinions, nutty theories, or silly guesses about wars or music, we’d love to hear ‘em!

Check out the YouTube member's site, and all the great old songs.


Kelly Gannon said...

Love your blog! The British Invasion was far too short, too bad music changed from there on!

Deborah Godin said...

Thank you, Kelly, glad you enjoy the posts!