Thursday, March 20, 2008


I always eat the ears first, too, don't you? And here's a couple of videos for you that seemed to match the occasion.

2 Happy Easter bunnies

and in honor of the Spring Equinox - equal day and night, who better to hear from than the Kinks! But then, I'd go with just about any excuse to hear the Kinks...

March 21 Addition - Bunny Rabbit Redux (with apologies to John Updike)
Here's a vid I just received from a YouTuber I subscribe to. His timing is impeccable! I admit I never heard this one before, or heard of the band either. I thought these guys had kind of a British sound, but a quick net-check and I found they are the pride of Iowa! A CD of their songs was released by Arf! Arf! a while back; I'll post a link for that, too.

Dee Jay & The Runaways "Peter Rabbit"

If you're a fan of the rare, obscure, hard to find, outrageously cool, etc. you need to know about Arf! Arf! Records.

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