Sunday, March 9, 2008


For those of you who are fans of those terrific PBS specials on what I’ll call Baby Boomer Music, you may have seen the show on Paul McCartney that aired earlier this year. If you missed it, or just want to see it again, you’ll have another chance in a couple of days – at least if you get the Detroit PBS station. I can’t speak for other regional scheduling, so you’ll just have to watch for it.

I just received a notice from Spike Bell, a well-known photographer who lives in Windsor (uh, that would be Windsor Ontario, not the castle, just to be clear, since we're talkin' about things British) Spike was letting everyone on his mailing list know that the PBS program Paul McCartney – Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road will be repeated locally this coming Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST, as part of PBS’s membership and fundraising drive, and that a poster he created is being offered to viewers who pledge. I’m sure you’re all familiar with how that works: you donate in support of programming; PBS sends you cool swag in appreciation. I’ve been a supporter for years, and have a pretty nice VHS, DVD, CD collection as a result.

Anyway, the program is a wonderful combination of Paul’s early music with that group….um, um….what was their name?….oh yes, The Beatles! (oh don’t look at me like that, I was just kidding around; I remembered!) right up to his most recent album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. And, if you show your support for PBS and send them a donation, you could get one of Spike’s historic Beatles posters, a montage of images he took at the Beatles concert at Detroit’s Olympia stadium on September 6th, 1964. Just as a footnote to that, I was actually at that concert, myself, but alas, don’t see my face in the crowd. When I was putting together the photo section for my first Rock and Roll trivia book, Papa Do Run, Spike very kindly permitted me to reproduce a portion of the poster – the Olympia marquee – in the book. I love that photo; the crowds, the old cars, the historic marquee announcing performances of two of my favorite things in life – rock and roll and the Redwings. What a thrill!

If you don’t watch your PBS on the Detroit station, I don’t know if you’ll be offered the poster or not, so I’ll give you the website for Spike, so you can check it out and order there. And now, I think it’s time for a couple of songs, don’t you.

Thank You Girl - one of my very faves
Goo goo g'joob (see photo above) -

and for the Spike Bell Beatles poster -

Oh let's have just one more! Here's a lovely number from the Wings era. Who wouldn't want to live in a reality where pipers march down the beach...And if anyone can tell me what a "mull" is in this context, please write me.

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