Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just in time for holiday Monday (Victoria Day here in Canada) and looking ahead to the Memorial Day weekend across the border, here’s a list of cool things you can do for fun on the long weekend, and of course, some oldies to go along with them. Where would we be without our music!

1) Go to the beach (Beach Blanket Bingo movie trailer)
Guys – remember when pants were actually worn at your waistline instead of slung halfway down your “bum” (polite Canadian term)? Girls – remember when every bra looked like one of Madonna’s?

2) Go biking! (Black Denim Trousers, The Cheers)
Maybe you want to get out there on a two-wheeler and feel closer to nature. You dog you! Just remember to protect your eyes...

3) Go cruising! (No Particular Place To Go, Chuck Berry)
Why did they stop making those little triangular vent windows? They were such a good idea! Great for flicking out those cigarette butts - back before you knew how bad smoking was. And littering. Oh well, if you stop for a while at least you can save some gas and...

4) ...Watch the Submarine Races (Rhapsody in the Rain, Lou Christie)
If the windows start to steam up too much, just open the little vent…

5) Have a party (Party Lights, Claudine Clark)
Invite all the gang, put up some lights and lanterns, a washtub full of Coke (a-Cola!), fire up a bag of charcoal briquettes and burn some burgers…

Happy long weekend, have fun everybody!

Photo of Angie in her doggles from

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