Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I’m in the mood for a little Connie Francis this morning, so I found this terrific video on YouTube. Not only is it a great montage of still and footage of Connie singing, but also it’s a real trip down memory lane ending up in my old clothes closet. Granted, Connie is a little older than me, but styles didn’t change all that radically until the late 60s, so I remember pretty much all of this, except maybe the ‘cocktail’ dress she’s wearing in her performance. Ladies, here’s a quick checklist of 1959 fashion; see how many you remember wearing, just like Connie:

1) shirt-waist dresses
2) Capri pants
3) crinolines and petticoats
4) pumps
5) pointy bras
6) sweater clips (you can’t actually see them, but you know she’s got them, at 1:05 )
7) halter-top sundresses
8) checkered gingham
9) pearl choker
10) bouffant (aka bubble) hairdos
11) spaghetti straps
12) chiffon dresses

The photo at 1:01 is about as close to a “wardrobe malfunction” as anyone ever got in those days; it was probably pretty daring back then. And don’t miss the guy with the flat-top at 0:58

Video by YT member JBauder1948
Photo is of a picture sleeve from my 45-rpm collection

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Poetikat said...

I've worn a few of those items:
capris, crinolines, pumps, halter-dress, pearl choker, spaghetti straps and even a chiffon dress! I could say it was for Hallowe'en, but that would be cruel. (Actually, it was just the way I liked to dress - vintage shops when they were cheap).