Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What do those two have in common, you may wonder. Well, for that answer, we need to pop over to the website, “Astronomy Picture of the Day.” Today’s feature picture is of the March 3, 2007 lunar eclipse, taken with an open shutter so that the moon leaves a sweeping trail across the sky. It’s a very cool picture, for sure, but the title of the picture also caught my attention. It’s called “Moon Slide Slim.” If you’re an oldies fan, especially a JT fan, you’ll recognize this as a pun on “Mud Slide Slim” - the title of a song on his 1971 album, “Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon.” Perhaps the best-known song from that album is “You’ve Got A Friend.” I don’t think Mud Slide Slim ever got that much air as a single, but it’s a nice little ballad, too. However, my favorite from the album is “You Can Close Your Eyes” so that’s the one I’m going to post for you today. As for the tonight's eclipse, if you live within the viewing area, and the skies are clear, it should be a lovely way to spend some time. Special thanks to fellow blogger and frequent commenter here, Quietpaths, for the photo (by Matthew) of the moon over the beautiful mountains of Montana.

You Can Close Your Eyes
Once you view this video, you can click over to "Mud Slide Slim" too if you like.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Today's eclipse info

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