Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay, let me start by saying that it had never been my intention that this blog should be anything more than a celebration of vintage music and memories, and therefore should not take a strong political or any other kind of stand. In addition, before anyone thinks that I’m singling out Islam here, let me add that, IMHO, there isn’t a fundamentalist division of any belief system on the planet that is known for its self-deprecating humor or its ability to take a joke. Having said both those things, I find I simply cannot resist the urge to fudge on my own “house rules” just a bit today, in light of the recently issued fatwa against Mickey Mouse. Yes, as you may have already heard, a Saudi sheik has denounced the Mickey as a “soldier of Satan” and an “impure corrupter,” and called for his death. As I understand it, part of that has to do with the cultural view Islamists have of mice in general, which is pretty much that they are the lowest life form on earth. I know they (mice) are pests, but still, I personally don’t object to them in principle. Of course other people are welcome to their own views, but I have to wonder about a death threat being issued to a cute little mouse that…let me see, how shall I best put this…. DOESN’T REALLY EXIST!!! Personally, if you’re going to pick on some poor animated critter as a bad influence, I’d go for Donald Duck. At least Mickey wears some pants.

Anyway, for all the baby boomers out there, here is a short (and therefore only minimally corrupting) video for the Mickey Mouse club, so we can remember the good old days.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Video by YT member kaijueguy


Poetikat said...

I think after the whole Danish cartoon fiasco, the Islamists are jumping at shadows - even itty bitty mousies! Who's next? Topo Gigio?!!!

Kat (and mouse)

Poetikat said...

In reading some of your posts below, I just worked out that you are 14 years my senior. I had no idea! I guess I was going by your photo (with the horse) on PWR. I'm really curious now!


Deborah Godin said...

Yeah, it's not just my taste in music - I'm kind of an oldie, too, but I often am mistaken for a few years younger, thanks to the Clairol!

Kat said...

I'm catching up here and laughing and laughing. I can understand Jerry. He was, after all, bent on Tom's destruction. Rumor has it Stuart Little has gone into hiding!

Thanks for the video. It was fun remembering!