Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today is so nice, perfect combination of sun, low humidity and cool temp. It’s been so dry here that many of the leaves are curling and dropping before they have a chance to turn color, but I don’t care. It’s time for my annual fall ritual, now that the hot sticky days of summer behind us. So I fired up the O.C. – that would be my bright Poppy Red ’65 Mustang, fondly nicknamed Orange Crush – and went out for a spin with, like Chuck Berry, I had no particular place to go, and to heck with wasting a little gas; I didn’t drive it much this summer. Why not? Because with no A/C and those black vinyl seats, it’s just too too too hot. But now, everything's perfect, so I took my fall songs and headed out. They aren’t all true vintage tunes, but all sound great with the windows rolled down. Just plug the MP3 player to the radio, and roar off. So here it is, my fall 2008 playlist:

The Boys of Summer - Don Henley (play, repeat at least 3 times)
See You in September – The Happenings
Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand) – The Shangri-Las
Farmer’s Daughter – The Beach Boys
In the Parkin’ Lot – The Beach Boys
Little Lonely Summer Girl – David Box
Comin’ Home – Delaney and Bonnie

Gas photo at www.jalopnik.com


Poetikat said...

Okay, I know a few of these: The Boys of Summer is a great tune, See You In September, I know, Remember Walking in the Sand (makes me think of a summer in Cape Breton when my cousin and I played this 50s compilation over and over and this was one that we liked (our favourite song had the chorus, "And as the years go by, true love will never die..." Do you know which one that could be?
Sorry, the Beach Boys ones are unfamiliar, as are the last two, but then this was not my era, really.


Deborah Godin said...

Hey you did very well for it not being your era - hi five! The lyrics you remember are from "As The Years Go By" by Mashmakhan, a Montreal band; it was pretty much a one-hit-wonder.

Poetikat said...

It may have been a one-hit-wonder, but it was a great song! What kind of name is Maskmakhan though? No wonder they never made it!