Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here’s a trailer from one of the best/worst 60s teen dramas ever, featuring a whole swack of youthful stars who went rather quickly from “rising” to…you know, I’m not even sure some of them ever made it to “where are they now.” Not only that, it’s the acting debut (notice how the trailer calls it a “challenge”!) of Dick Clark. This was pretty steamy stuff back in the day (yes, I’m tired of that phrase, too). The reason I’m putting it up here is because it’s such a time capsule. I totally love this song, but not the James Darren version. No, for me it’s gotta be the Duane Eddy instrumental. Oh, don’t get me wrong, James Darren is a read “doll” but I don’t think I’ll draw too much fire if I say his rendition is kind of wishy-washy. Jimmy may be a sweet thang, but for this song, we want the twang thang.

Because They're Young Trailer

Duane Eddy and His Twangy Guitar

Trailer video by YT member OurManinHavana
Duane Eddy Video by YT member MorriconeRocks
Shoes from Wikimedia

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