Monday, November 17, 2008


The term “Daddy” and its variants, “Daddy-O” (or Daddio) and “Dad” have been through some time and changes. It goes back at least to the 1940s when NOLA disc jockey Vernon Winslow used it as part of his on-air moniker. I remember it mostly from the 1950s and the hepcat-beatnik era. In 1957, the doo-wop group The Rays released what would become their big hit, “Silhouettes” with “Daddy Cool” on the flip side. Flip side. There’s a term that the iPod generation won’t understand. It means the song on the other side of a record, sometimes called the B-side. Records are flat discs that look something like CDs but are way cooler. Then, if you’re of a certain age, like me, you probably remember the TV show 77Sunset Strip (1958-64) and Kookie, the Edd Byrnes character Kookie was the valet-parking-detective-wannabe-hair-combing-heartthrob of the show. Kookie called everybody Dad, the same way kids today call everybody Dude. I think Dude is fine, but I’m secretly hoping Daddio will make a comeback. In fact, I think I’ll start using it on my male friends and see what happens. I invite any of you out there in the Blogiverse to do the same. Daddio hasn’t really gone away; it’s just waiting there for someone to re-cooligize it. We can do it!

Here are the two YouTube videos for our double bill of hits. I think they’re both real gone, daddio. (Now doesn't that sound great?!)

Daddy Cool video by YT member ladyrockndoowop
Kookie, Kookie video by YT member GjuroKaiser
Photo at www.tvparty .com


Anonymous said...

What a delightful oldies site. Very nice indeed.

Ladyrockndoowop ☺ ☺ ☺ ♪♫

mike said...

Now that was a neat video. Wonder why those shows are not on TV Seems to that besides 77 there was surfside six and another

mike said...

Speaking of b sides. Does anyone remember 45's with 4 songs on them? I remember an elvis 45 like that. or 45's with sound alike artists with perhaps as many as 3 songs per side?

Small City Scenes said...

I've got a stack of Elvis 45's. Wow--we all go WAY back. What fun. MB

Deborah Godin said...

@ ladyrockndoowop - Thank you, thank you very much (Elvis voice)

@ Mike
I don't know why those shows aren't on either. I do have a channel on my dish that is oldie show like Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days but nothing like Sunset Strip or Surfside 6. Maybe now that Obama is in they'll bring back Hawaiian Eye (not to be confused with Five-O).

I didn't remember the multi-hit 45s from the 60s, but came across them when I was writing Papa Do Run. I'll bet some of them are collectors items now.

@ SmallCityScenes - Yup, one of the fringe benefits of being old now - we got the good stuff to listen to!