Saturday, November 22, 2008


They say timing is everything, and who are we to argue. I mean, they were right when they said, “Let the buyer beware” “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public” and of course, “You win some, you lose some.” On that note, I recently read that former Beatle Paul McCartney wants to release an obscure 1967 Beatles tape, a rather lengthy 14-minute song titled “Carnival of Light.” From the description (distorted guitar and organ, someone gargling, Paul and John shouting things like “Barcelona!” and asking, “Are you all right?” and other general random mayhem from the other group members) it sounds like a real post-Sgt. Pepper Dali-esque free-for-all. It’s been referred to as avant-garde, but isn’t that really just another way of saying post-Sgt. Pepper Dali- etcetc?

If one is a real solid Beatles aficionado, then this is probably a must-hear, and probably a must-have. I don’t quite fall into that category, but I might be inclined to listen to it on YouTube first, and then decide if I can’t live without it. What amuses me most is that McCartney is quoted as saying that, “…the time has come for it (Carnival of Light) to have its moment.” Well, that may be. But for me it’s kind of like a respected Hollywood actor doing a part in some goofy lightweight comedy that goes from theaters to DVD so fast the breeze lifts your hair. When those movies come out, I usually think: Oh man, So-and-so must want to put an addition on his swimming pool real bad. So here, we have Sir Paul, master tape of the original song in tow. It’s not a done deal yet; he needs to get permission from Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia Harrison first. So why would Paul need to earn himself some extra mo… Ooooh yeah (lightbulb clicking on). Like that old saying goes, “True love never runs smooth.”

Anyway, here’s one of my very favorite fun Beatles songs, while we’re waiting for Carnival of Light.

Video by YT member irenelemejo
Marketplace photo from Wikimedia Commons


Linda (SE PA) said...

There are some who still listen to the radio show, Breakfast with the Beatles (that was a few years ago - not sure if it still on).

I was late getting into the Beatles. I have this tendency to fall in love or like with most artists after the peak of their popularity. I liked I Want To Hold Your Hand - found them fun - found the whoopla a bit too much to take. Purchased a few of the albums because I liked one or two songs. At the time, I preferred the Stones.

Truly, at this point, I am not interested in a "discovered - unrecorded" Beatle song. Perhaps, it is a disappointment that they stopped touring - went into recording mode and then the group broke up. Some of the solo albums were good - yet, it was not the same as the Beatles and for quite some time we've known that there will never be a Beatles reunion. Very sad for those of us who grew up in those times and I often think very selfish of the Beatles.

For example, Fleetwood Mac who went through personal emotional upheaval came back and The Dance was perfection. Shows what it really is all about.

So, whether or not, Sir Paul gets approval to release this, I will not be purchasing and I've long stopped purchasing his more recent music.

Deborah Godin said...

I hear you. I do the same with TV, never watched a single episode of Seinfeld until after the final episode (seen them all by now, I imagine). The last Beatles record I bought was the White Album. I know and like some songs on the subsequent ones, but never shelled out out my meager student funds for them. Anyway, I was always more of a Kinks gal. Thanks for your comments!