Friday, August 22, 2008


I had one not long ago. It was like I was being shadowed by Mr. Murphy, starting from the moment my toast landed peanut butter side down on the floor. It reminded me of my favorite Life Motto: If it’s funny later, it’s funny now. That one has saved me from getting too wound up over life’s more trying moments many times. Things that drive you crazy now make the funniest stories to entertain your friends with later on. It also reminded me of a somewhat obscure vintage oldie, “That’s Life”— which is itself lifted from the old word game we used to reel off as kids. I tried to remember how the whole thing went, but it’s obviously been pushed to the back of my memory file. Anyone out there is welcome to have a shot at it. Meanwhile, here’s Gabriel and the Angels singing “That’s Life.”

Photo from Mental Floss. If you don't know about Mental Floss, please, do yourself a big favor and check it out, subscribe to email or the mag. I get no kickback from saying this, it's just way funny!!! You'll thank me, I know you will...
Video from YT member barrygioportmorien1

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Mustang Mike said...

Thanks so much for visiting Mike's Show-N-Shine again. I am sorry I haven't been back to see you in awhile. But I will make sure I come back often. I love the pictures and music choices you have on your site.
Papa Do Run. Great name! See you soon.