Friday, August 29, 2008


We sure haven’t had much rain here this summer in Soup City. Soup City? That would be Leamington, Ontario, officially called the Tomato Capital of Canada, also referred to by some as Tomato Town. But if you have a working nose and you are anywhere downwind of our gi-nourmous Heinz plant these days, I think you’ll prefer the name I made up for it – Soup City. In fact, I think someone ought to re-write the lyrics to the Jan and Dean classic, "Surf City" and make in into an anthem for Leamington. Well, let’s leave that for another day. Meanwhile, it looks like it could rain today, so I decided to find a good oldie about rain that we can all listen to and maybe it will attract the rain. Plus we could all chant. You know, kind of the opposite of what they all did in the Woodstock documentary, "No rain! No rain!" How about "Rain now! Rain now!"

For our purposes today, there are many songs to choose from. I picked this because it is not only a fave of mine, but the video on YouTube is so charming, it’s a must see. There they are, the boys in the band in living color, with Zal mugging and goofing around at the keyboard, and John Sebastian playing the harp and singing. How he manages to do both at the same time I don’t know; it looks like it should be too hard. But we’ve already seen him rockin’ out with an autoharp, so it should come as no surprise that he can harp it up as well. Anyway, here’s our best hope for some rain today. Hope we get more than a Spoonful (sorry). Enjoy!

Okay, let's go: Rain now Rain now Rain now Rain.....

P.S. The video with Sebastian playing the autoharp is in my January 19/08 post. I'm pretty sure there is a way to give you a live link to it here, but...I haven't figured it out yet. You know me, slow on the uptake on computer stuff. But you can search at the top for "John Sebastian" and that'll bring it up.

Video from YT member Sixtiesalltheway
Rain photo from Wikimedia Commons

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Poetikat said...

That's a pretty little song. I've never heard it before, but I don't know much "Lovin' Spoonful".
Is the filming deliberate? Their movements are quite jerky, but the music sounds fine.
Just curious Deb, where does the title of your blog originate?