Saturday, August 9, 2008


Okay, I’m from Detroit originally, so naturally I think Motown rules, but you have to admit, the sound is a staple and still making new young converts all over the globe. I have my favorite artists and groups just like everyone else, and for me, as far as the Supremes go, it’s the earlier the better. Here’s a little number that dates back to their 1962 debut album, Meet the Supremes. It’s also the first song they recorded as a trio (Diana, Flo, Mary) after the other original member, Barbara Martin, left the group. The album didn’t perform as hoped, and none of the songs broke the top 40. Of course, things changed radically with their sophomore album, with “Where Did Our Live Go” shooting to numero uno. I have to say, with all the good tunes they had, this is still my favorite. I like the directness of the lyrics (written by Berry Gordy) and that cool-on-cool R&B strut. And to my ear it’s just a little less polished and produced. Here, have yourself a groove.

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