Monday, January 28, 2008


Attention: If you are a baby boomer who has retired to (or always lived in) a year-round warm climate, this post is not addressed to you.

No offense. This is mainly for those of us who live in a location that offers all four seasons. At the moment, for me, that happens to be the north shore of Lake Erie. As you can see (picture) there ain't much doin' on the lake today. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I like winters. I really do. Generally they're fluffy, and give everybody nice healthy-looking pink cheeks. I mean, what's not to like? (black ice, tire chains, wind chills). There's skiing, tobogganing, (frozen wiper blades) skating. A veritable sparkling wonderland of (dead batteries) fun. Remember the phrase "Too much of a good thing"? Right. So, now that we have the holidays behind us, and have got past Jan. 24th -- officially known as the Most Depressing Day of the Year-- it's time to perk things up around here. And who can do that better for all of us winter-weary baby boomers than...The Beach Boys!! Here's the plan: you and your significant other put a couple extra logs on the fire, or crank up the space heater, whatever, 'til it's nice and toasty warm inside. Then set up that red heat lamp you use when your bursitis acts up; it'll make a great tropical sunset. Now, dig out some of your July/dog days wear (shorts, loud shirts, muumuus, sandals), make up a big honkin' batch of mojitos, and then cuddle up on the recliner on a beach towel. I will provide the musical accompaniment to complete the mood. Turn up your speakers, watch the monitor, and relax. Summer is a state of mind, my friends!
Now, don't you feel better?
There's also this way of handling winter doldrums, but somehow I think it has appeal only to the younger set. I don't think even being young-at-heart is enough to get me out there in my flip flops. But cute vid, guys!

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