Wednesday, January 2, 2008


...with apologies for being a day late; blame it on my server "taking the day off" yesterday. So, it's 2008! My how times have changed. Like many baby boomers, I remember when life was very different. For example, I clearly recall helping my mother feed wet clothes into the wringer attachment on the washing machine before handing them on the clothesline in the backyard. And hearing the chink of glass bottles as the milkman loaded our order into the chute. Then there were the rotary telephones with their short curly cords, and the black & white TVs. Antique stuff like that. Well, the same goes for the music we listened to as teenagers. There's plenty of quaint notions contained in the lyrics; things that have long since gone out of style. For instance...

"Wake Up Little Susie" The Everly Brothers, 1957
In the first verse, the boy in this song mentions that he promised Susie's parents that he'd have her back home "by 10." I used to have a weekend curfew like that, and a weeknight one that was even earlier. Can you imagine telling a teen today that they have to be in by 10 on a Friday night? You'd all end up on Dr. Phil for sure. This is a great video I found on YouTube, but, closely as I look, I can't figure out if those guys are whispering "Oo la la" or not. Maybe you'll have better luck.

"Sherry" The Four Seasons, 1962
In this one, the guy tells his girl to ask her mom's permission to go to his party. Parents these days probably only find out there even was a party after the fact, when they see a cell phone video of it featured on Inside Edition (with body parts discreetly blurred).

"Be True to Your School" The Beach Boys, 1963
What a concept! Plus, I suspect that kids who are true to their schools don't drop out -- that was unthinkable! And fighting words were only heard at pep rallies right before the big game.
Another wonderful vid. There's some real talent out there.

"(I'm proud to be an) Okie from Muskogee" Merle Haggard, 1969
Okay, so this is really a country crossover, but you remember it, right? Especially that line about how they don't smoke pot or use LSD in Muskogee. Which just goes to show, you should never brag about something that might come back to bite you later. Just Google these three words - "Muskogee" "drug" and "rehab" in that order, and you'll see what I mean. Sorry Merle.

Well, as you can see, a lot has changed. In fact, I just took a load out of the dryer wearing my phone headset. The only exception is that baby boomers are starting to find themselves once again under an early curfew, but this time it's imposed by those other strict parents, Mother Nature and Father Time.

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