Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yup, that's what is says on this crazy website I found that lists weird holidays and commemorative days - and the "normal" ones too. When I read it was Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, several questions of my own arose: Where did such a day come from? How many people actually celebrate this day? Do cats truly have questions? (other than when do we eat? of course) If we are to go by the look on Pearl's face (that's her in the picture) I think she might be thinking something like "We don't need no stinking answers!" I imagine she'd think it in a sneering bandito voice, too. So, make of this holiday what you will. I do not question the validity of information I found, but simply pass it along to you "for what it's worth." And here's some fun music to go with...

A very short commercial for diamonds. It's here because the music is a song written by Cat Stevens, and sung by Cat Power.

Nora at the piano. You probably got this one in an email already, but always fun to watch. I wonder what questions she might have...?

"For what it's worth"

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