Thursday, January 31, 2008

GET LOST - a post not, strictly speaking, about rock and roll

In addition to my interest in the golden oldies, I'm also a big fan of pop culture. Because of that I'm going to make a brief diversion here, and please, I beg you, humor me. Last night, I willingly gave up two hours of my life to watch a special "re-cap" program on the TV show Lost. It was designed to reawaken our waning (or totally dormant) enthusiasm for this show. It was meant to hook us back in. And, grudgingly, I worked (for me anyway). As Charlie Brown used to say, "Aaaarrrgh!" If you've been one of the frustrated followers of Lost, you know what I mean. Tonight is another two-hour special, namely the season premiere (never mind that it wasn't even on during the Fall of '07). If I could say one thing to the producers it would be, "Don't you dare try to tell me again that there will be 'answers'! I am not falling for that one any more!" Apparently, there will be a few more seasons doled out here and there (when did TV scheduling get so chopped up and...and...stupid?) before Lost wraps up for good. All I ask is that when the time comes, we actually do learn everything. I think they owe us that. And I'm talking about a real concrete answer-packed finale that satisfies. Not like that wishy-washy ending to the X-Files. Okay, I think I have vented enough now. And just to show you my appreciation, I'll put in a YouTube link to a great oldie by the Everlys. As 60s tragedy songs go, this one isn't as well-known as "Teen Angel" or "Last Kiss" but I'm sure you'll agree it fits the occasion...

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